Bone Broth

So BONE BROTH is great for replenishing your sodium levels when your body is shedding water. For instance, I took a couple weeks to eat high protein, and cut out simple carbs like bread and pasta. When I did that I lost some water weight, and although I was eating really healthy I felt sleepy… Continue reading Bone Broth


The Dreamy Almond Milk Latte (Homemade)

Hello world, this is the make-at-home, dairy free, sugar free, almond milk latte. Full of all the nutty goodness, roasted coffeeness and frothy frothiness in the world. ❤ You'll need: -Some good coffee. You can make a strong cup in the Keurig, or brew it in your little French press or coffee pot or whatever… Continue reading The Dreamy Almond Milk Latte (Homemade)

Gut Shampoo

We wash ourselves everywhere else, so we should definitely wash our insides too, right? I named this Gut Shampoo - because every powerful cleanser should have a name. They say inflammation starts in your gut. That means our hormones, our skin, our hair, our blood pressure, our cells, our blood, our heart (need I go… Continue reading Gut Shampoo

My Favorite Apple Pie

I've made pumpkin, peach, strawberry and chicken pot pie, but I think the #1 favorite is definitely apple pie! Greg loves apple pie above all kinds, I love it, and friends and family are very excited when I bring an apple pie to a gathering. I make several apple pies throughout the autumn season, but… Continue reading My Favorite Apple Pie

Every Week Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a husband who asks for chocolate chip cookies every week. And that doesn't bother me, because I love them too! I've got this recipe memorized, to whip up cookies on the fly! Anytime I'm feeling a bit lazy, and don't get cookies made, my dear hubby buzzes up to the dollar store for… Continue reading Every Week Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Story of Han Solo and Cinderella Part 2

                                                      pc: kendrareneephotography We ate at a Japanese steak house, drove around (he let ME drive his Camaro - just because, you know, I had to see what all… Continue reading The Story of Han Solo and Cinderella Part 2

The Story of Han Solo and Cinderella part 1

I thought sharing our little romance story would be a fitting way to launch this blog. We were meeting for the first time at a hotel. Yikes. Sounds terrible when you say it out loud, doesn't it? Six weeks of getting to know each other, talking and messaging, but we'd never FaceTimed. A year ago… Continue reading The Story of Han Solo and Cinderella part 1